Friday 25 September 2015

Skywatch Friday

It's a delight to look at the sky this morning for 
Skywatch Friday because it's a bright, clear blue!
The apples are ripe and falling and now that the squirrels have had a good go at my neighbours' hazelnut trees they are turning their attention to my ripening walnuts!
At ground level I can check out the squash crop as the leaves die away.
Because of the wet summer I've had quite a battle with slugs eating the young growth.
 It's nature tooth and claw at our house!
But these gentle, sunny days are a joy.
It's an 'Indian Summer.'
I hope that life is also proving good for you.


  1. It would be so wonderful to have such a garden! You are blessed.

    1. Yes, we both wander round our garden space and think ourselves very fortunate to live in such a peaceful place.

  2. Lovely garden, I can't wait for our summer.

    1. I'm hoping that your summer will be a whole lot better than the one we had in Blighty, Merle!

  3. thanks for stopping by my site! Are those heirloom tomatoes? I love those. Nothing tastes like those!

  4. I love your writing, Susan, and also the accompanying photos which are real treasure trove. I'm going to be a regular reader. Are you planning a book?
    The tomatoes are 'red cherry', very small, very prolific VERY tasty!