Friday 17 April 2015

Skywatch Friday

It's been a pleasure to skywatch this week, the weather has been dry and bright, there's blossom everywhere, large magnolia trees in front gardens as I drive into town and plum blossom in the neighbours' orchard.
I told you that the primroses were everywhere, can you see them in the vegetable garden path?
And in the row of chives along with some violets. Those violets are TOUGH, they've spread all over the lawn!
I have a four bed rotation system in the veg garden.
That makes me sound wonderfully organised, but it's not really the case. Some of the overwintering crops are still productive and while I could do with their ground I shall have to wait. Then in summer I pop things in where spaces occur and the whole scheme starts to fall apart.
One thing that did completely fall apart was our old fruit cage. I neglected to take off the roof netting a few years ago and a heavy snowfall made the whole structure collapse. Now the bits of metal and  old netting come in handy for keeping the pigeons away from the crops. Not a pretty sight but effective.
I love white in the garden

but I'm not averse to pink when it's as pretty as this!

Himself is an optimist. He put up a deckchair on the lawn. He didn't sit in it for long - there's still a chill wind blowing!


  1. It is a busy time of the year and there is so much to do. Isn't it wonderful!

  2. That pink flower is like a geometric pattern! Amazing!!! What's the name? Hasn't this week just been glorious?

  3. I love violets and miss them. I planted some very small tiny ones that were so lovely and spread in the shady garden. I miss that home and the garden.
    You live in a very wonderful place.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. What beautiful gardens... and they really look organized and well tended to!

  5. Such pretty shots.

  6. That two coloured pink Camellia is wonderful! You have lovely gardens and a large kitchengarden and so tidy, you definitely did already a lot of work.

  7. Your veg garden is looking very neat and weed free all ready for the new season. My primroses don't seem to seed about like yours although they do make very large clumps which need dividing every so often. You are right about the chill winds although earlier in the week I did manage to sit on the garden bench with a book for a while. Have a good week.

  8. I am in awe of your garden! Seriously!!! The amount of space you have for veggies is just amazing! And not to mention all of your gorgeous blooms up there friend! I too have had a bit of violet take over at the moment in our front lawn! I look forward to seeing all of your crops! And thank you for the well wishes for my has been a rough week but my son is finally pulling up which makes life good! Inspiring goodness take care! Nicole xo

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  10. Those camellias are stunning! Violets do take over but they're such a pretty invader. :o)