Tuesday 22 October 2013

Wet and wild

It's not being a gentle autumn, far from it, it's really wet and wild. Just as well, because it stops me from wanting to be outside working in the garden. One good outcome of the weather is that the rain softens the walnut casings and then the wind knocks them down to the ground. The weather is so poor that the squirrels seem to be staying in bed. Good - all the more nuts for us! We have put them in trays in the kitchen to dry out.

I'll confess to rather liking the damp and decay that settles on the garden at this time of year. 

A few brave flowers are battling it out.

More high winds are forecast, so Himself has picked all the pears from the tree. They are still very green, I hope they'll ripen.
But the Swiss chard doesn't seem to be bothered by the weather at all. Why, it looks good enough to eat.
But it doesn't fool me!


  1. Is this veggi really called Swiss chard in English? That's funny. Can't imagine what it has to do with my country but the color looks great.
    Love your photos from the autumn garden.
    Take care

    1. Yes, leaf beet is known as 'Swiss chard' in Britain, but don't ask me why. I've got it growing in a range of beautiful colours, looking very healthy. Unfortunately we don't much like the taste! I got the seed packet at the seed swap in the spring.

  2. You're right about the wild and windy - and the rainy and the stormy and the rainbowy and the soggy and the lovely lovely colour - I would like a bit more sunny and brighty though.

    1. Oh, bring on the soft and sunny, the light and bright, Elaine. I wouldn't even mind the mild and misty. A bit of Keatsy, in fact.

  3. Love this! It is getting cool here with a chance of snow - time to do last harvest!