Friday 13 September 2013

La Maddalena Archipelago

A boat trip on a sunny day is my idea of a perfect holiday outing.
We caught a tourist boat in Cannigione
and headed out of the Gulf of Arzachena to explore the the islands of the Maddalena Archipelago.

Our first stop was at the outlying island of Santa Maria. I struggle to keep my plumbago plant alive throughout the winter months but here it was growing all over the place in gay abandon!
We walked up towards the lighthouse to enjoy a view of the route that we had sailed.
There was time for a swim and then it was back on board and a short sail to a mooring and lunch on board - pasta for everyone. (There was a bit of a kerfuffle attaching to the buoy.)
After lunch we set sail for Spargi, landing by the beautiful beach of Cala Corsara. The Italian tourists went into the water no deeper than their waists and stood in groups to chat. The water was crystal clear,  the bay was empty of swimmers and not too wide - I would swim across it.
I was half way across the bay when a voice behind me called out, "Signora - Medusa!" A small boy in snorkelling gear, some way behind me, was waving and pointing into the water.
I thought for a moment, visualised Medusa's head with her writhing snake hair, did a straightforward translation into 'jellyfish' and headed for the shore!

White flowers were growing where the sandy beach merged into the dunes.

The rocks were beautiful and the plants growing in the crevices made the landscape resemble a Japanese garden.

We clambered up to explore the look-out
and found the remains of an old gun emplacement. 
The sea looked wonderful, and no signs of jellyfish!
Then it was a short sail to the main island and a mooch about the city of La Maddalena, where it seemed that almost every other shop was selling ice-cream. (So, what's a girl to do but eat one. And so many flavours, so hard to choose, better make it a double!)

Lovely flowers hung from the balconies.

Our last stop was offshore in deep, clear water, for those who wanted to dive in and swim around the boat.
Then it was back to Cannigione.
The end of a perfect outing. 
Apart from the medusa!


  1. I love that part of the island. The waters really are special. Did you end up going to Corsica? The south of Sardinia is also fabulous without the "billionaire" vibe of Porto Cervo.

    1. We were in the south of the island over twenty years ago and our good memories of it were a reason for booking this holiday.
      We didn't make it to Corsica, seen in the distance. I think it will warrant a holiday of it's own!

  2. So beautiful and that water… blue

    1. The water was indeed beautiful, Doc. I spent most of my holiday in it!

  3. Replies
    1. Take a look at Porto Cervo over on Miss Cellany, Steve, it's got pretty all over it! (So glad you've got the permit - we are following the action with bated breath.)