Saturday 14 September 2013


The minute my back is turned the courgettes turn themselves into thumping big marrows.
I've been dealing with plums all week, making jam and filling containers of cooked fruit for the freezer. I love Victoria plums and can't resist eating far too many of them as I cut out the stones.
The swiss chard looks beautiful in the garden glistening in the rain. It has cropped fantastically well.
It's just a pity that Himself has decided that he doesn't like the taste, "too earthy."  I've got rows of the stuff!
The squash have been harvested and put in the greenhouse for the skins to toughen.

The 'red cherry' tomatoes are still cropping. Their flavour is far superior to the other varieties that I've grown this year, I shall definitely grow them again next year.
'Roma' had a bit of blossom end rot
and 'Shirley' was tasteless.
But there's plenty of basil to brighten things up a bit.
And I'm nurturing a few cuttings brought home from our holiday.
There are still flowers to pick in the garden
for Jane's flowers in the house.


  1. Good morning Rosemary,
    Everything you are growing looks fantastic, and what a year eh? Are freezer is filling up with blackberries from the hedgerows. I know what Himself means about the chard. Have you tried sweating it off in a frying pan with a little butter and (a vege speaking here. shush!)bacon strips? Enjoyed the tales of your lovely holiday. Have a lovely week.

    1. I've been out to buy bacon. Shall report back once I've served it up!

  2. Your vegetables are all so photogenic! I'm with Himself on the chard but it's pretty to look at.

    1. It looks a great success in the garden, such lovely coloured stalks, I'm hoping that Gary's suggestion of butter and bacon will do the trick.

  3. I love love chard but Monsieur won't eat it? I cook it in a frying pan with olive oil and pepper. Everything looks so lovely and healthy.

  4. I'll eat it! I love it. This might be the best harvest I have seen all summer.

    And the flowers are beautiful too.

    Thank you Ms. Green Thumb.

    xo Jane

    1. I've stoned so many plums that I think I should be called Cracked Thumb. The flowers are looking very straggly now in the garden but they always seem to perk up when they are put into a little vase .

  5. Good grief your harvest makes me green with envy, I got two terrible green tomatoes and all I have left now is some sprouting winter salad.

  6. Oh, Lilac, would you like a load of Swiss chard?!!