Thursday 1 August 2013

Salad days.

The torrential downpours have certainly perked things up, the lawn looks almost green again, the water butts are full to the brim
and the squash are swelling!
I'm very pleased with the King Edward Red seed potatoes that I bought at the seed swap, they've produced a good sized, clean crop and have a lovely texture. I'm storing a few to plant next year.
I've grown nearly all my tomatoes indoors because I wasn't expecting such a lovely summer.
I usually grow the cucumbers outside on the flat but this year they too are indoors, climbing up canes. They are performing very well, four large cucumbers harvested so far and another four on the way.
It's all very well, but there is hardly any space left for us!
We can just about squeeze in under the lilies and the cherry reds!
I've picked some sweet peas from the garden and carnations from the greenhouse for Jane's flowers in the house.
I'm a little late for her party - apologies - but I'm busy harvesting crops,
and eating them! Salad, salad....


  1. Replies
    1. Tom, I tried to answer your last comment about Sam without success. How elusive are you! (Sam has being trying to sort our my computer for the last three weeks but it turns out that the problem was with BT.
      Yup, salad, salad, salad.

    2. I am ashamed to say that I have forgot all about Sam and my comment.

  2. It is the salad days of summer. They are beautiful. I love sweet peas. It is very hard to find the antique sweet peas here. The only ones I can find have no scent. They are beautiful. Enjoy the bounty! Bonnie

  3. These sweet peas have a lovely perfume but it's strange how things change; I used to love the scent of freesias but now I can never buy ones with any perfume at all.
    Strawberries all eaten, gooseberries harvested, raspberries getting a bit thin - my, but we've eaten lots!

  4. It's all looking wonderful Rosemary. As for salads, bring 'em on I say. Gone are the days of simply cucumber, lettuce and tomato. Yours look totally delish!

    1. Have to say that my salads contain a good amount of cucumber, lettuce and tomato as these are the things that are growing like Billyo!