Thursday 22 August 2013

Country living

There is still some warmth left in the sun but it is gentle, with a lazy, end of season feel to everything in the garden.
There are delicious wafts of perfume from the various varieties of phlox,
and old-fashioned perennials in bloom that remind me of my childhood home.
Not for nothing is the buddleja sometimes known as the butterfly bush!

The red cherry tomatoes are cropping well,
it's tomatoes with every meal!
And I can do a bit of serious bragging about this year's cucumber crop. I should have entered them in Shepton Show!
But to add a realistic note to this rural idyll I'll tell you that not everything in the garden comes up smelling of roses, or of phlox! Our small hamlet has none of the facilities that people in most larger communities take for granted; there is no street lighting and no mains drainage. Every few years  the septic tank in the orchard needs emptying and that was one of the tasks for this week.
It's probably more information than you feel you need.
If so, my apologies!


  1. Good morning Rosemary,
    It does have that end of season feel doesn't it? Everything is looking very lovely in your garden, and the tomato dish looks right up my street. Ha, even the septic tank write up was of lifes realities that must be faced. Have a good weekend.

  2. What beautiful cucumbers. You certainly could have won an award with those beauties!

  3. When I lived with a septic tank, I thought it was fine, and laughed at the townies who didn't think they could cope with it. Now....having moved to a house with mains water and drainage and sewerage, both in the UK and in France......I don't miss it at all ! Jx