Thursday 15 August 2013


We went to Clevedon the other day, a town on the Bristol Channel. Years ago, when we had an old clinker-built National 12 sailing boat, we used to launch from the slipway on the small beach. The foreshore is muddy, the currents are strong and the rise and fall exceptionally high; people rarely swim in the murky water. We were coming ashore one day when I saw a small child run down the slipway and drop over the side. He disappeared completely from sight. No parent came running after him. I brought the boat alongside while Himself got into the water and searched about, eventually bringing up the small, spluttering boy who ran back to the beach. None of the adults sunbathing on the rocks took the slightest interest!
Two Victorian features in the town are the pier and the bandstand. The pier was restored thanks to energetic fund-raising. Planks for the walkway could be bought and fitted with a brass inscription and we purchased one for our daughters. On this visit we were offered some Brasso and a cloth if we wanted to polish the plaque. I politely declined. Another time, perhaps!
The small gallery had an exhibition of deckchair designs. Here is one by Neil Murison which is going to be auctioned to raise money for ongoing maintenance.

Now it is the turn of the bandstand to receive some much-needed attention.
And just in time, the decorations are in a very poor state.
There are some attractive houses on the sea front. I took a peep through this gateway
and admired the pots of lilies.
Then we went for an ice-cream. Well, we were beside the seaside!


  1. They wanted you to polish a plaque? You just saved a life. Isn't that enough? Ice cream is definitely in order!

    1. There was a bit of a time lag between the two events, Connie. The Brasso was offered last week but the little boy was pulled from the water about forty years ago! (The ice creams were good!)