Monday 21 January 2013


There has been a thaw today, which made our morning walk through the woods exciting, which of us would be clobbered with a load of snow falling from the fir trees!

I've knocked the caps of snow off most of the shrubs and bushes in the garden to avoid broken branches.
Some vegetables are much easier than others to harvest in this weather.
Sprouts are supposed to taste better for a bit of a frosting, but the parsnips are in hiding and are off the menu for now!
It always surprises me how tough (and perverse) some flowers can be.Why is a rose trying to bloom in January?

More snow is forecast for tomorrow.


  1. Reminds me of the last lines of the song, The Rose, by Amanda McBroom

    Just remember in the winter, far below the winter snows
    Lies the seed that with the sun's love, in the spring becomes the rose.

    1. I don't know that song, but a bit of 'sun's love' would be good!

  2. I am just going out to do just the same - the weight of the snow has flattened everything, and I couldn't find my parsley yesterday when I wanted to sprinkle some over smoked haddock chowder - that'll teach me to make sure I have a herb pot by the back door.

    1. Mmm, smoked haddock chowder sounds good, Elaine!

  3. This looks cold, indeed!

    Is this a wintergarden on the first photo?

    In Vienna it is safer to walk on the street, not on the pavement, because lots of snow is dropping from the roofs. booom. woooom.

    Do you feed birds? I see your garden with birds hopping around, picking nuts and seeds from a birdhouse.

    Stay warm!

    PS: no cruise in 2013 for me and Mr Paula, but harbours and the sea: we seek adventures on the Crimean peninsula at the Black Sea, Yalta and Sewastopol.

    1. Hello Paula, I've done a hair posting over on Miss Cellany for you!
      The first photo is of the ridge of the greenhouse with Maisie chasing a hare.
      Yes, we feed the birds and in this weather we also put out fresh water.
      The Crimean travel sounds wonderfully exciting. I do hope that you will blog it so that I can share the adventure.
      I'm trying my best to keep warm - it isn't easy! /:-) x.

  4. I have just let things go in the gardens here.
    We have no snow as yet but everthing is frozen solid.

    1. Just label it the planning season, Doc, and put your feet up!