Thursday 17 May 2012


Janet at The Gardener's Cottage has asked me what size my garden is, so I thought that I would put together some photos to show the general plan. The first image was taken from a balloon in August 2008 and shows the garage block before it's rebuild and the house in the process of getting an attached greenhouse. 
The overall site is half an acre.
The carving studio is to the right of the driveway. It's original purpose was as the Game House.
The beams are full of pegs and old nails where all the game were hung to mature.
The house was formerly the head game keeper's cottage and at that time the outbuildings included a lean-to store (now my garden store room), two pig sties, the game house and six kennels with runs. Three of the kennels are now used for general storage (junk!)
The garage, before it's rebuild, was an ugly, disgraceful sight. It had been cobbled together around the remaining dog kennels.
I like to think that the rebuild is a thing of beauty!
We bought this wooden shed at the other side of the yard for Himself to use as a painting room as the carving studio is too dark for colour work. (Yes, I agree, the man is spoilt rotten.)
In 2008 a small greenhouse was added to the south side of the house.
We love it.
Looking east from an upstairs window over the vegetable garden.
A fruit cage is in the south east corner of the garden
and the front door is on the west side of the house
but it isn't much used
because everyone saunters in through the kitchen door!
(See 86 and 91 from My Life in One Hundred Objects about this and our previous home.)


  1. I could easily move right in to that carving studio. Nice property, Rosemary.

    1. You would find it cramped and dark, Steve, but it does have lots of character.

  2. I am so glad you shared your garden - it is so hard to picture when someone talks about their gardens - just showing single flowers etc. You have obviously put a lot of time and energy into it and it shows. Your should be very pleased with what you have achieved.

    1. I do wish that I could have blogged my previous garden as it is such a good means of keeping a record.
      My garden is rather scruffy, always teetering on the edge of chaos. I avoid the messy bits when I'm taking photos!

  3. What a beautiful home! I love the creative use of fieldstone for the buildings and garden walls.

    1. The walls were all built by a previous owner. They don't stand up too well to frosty weather and require a bit of patching up as the local stone is soft and breaks up very easily.

  4. thank you rosemary. i'm surprised it's only 1/2 acre. you have really utilized it to its fullest potential. you know how much i love it and now that i see it laid out i can appreciate it so much more. thanks!

    1. Dear Janet, I'm glad that you can now picture my space more clearly. It is a manageable size, not at all daunting, so that, health permitting, I should be able to garden for years to come.

  5. Is your home a listed property?
    It looks like it has some age and great to see from above.
    Your carving studio must house a carver...
    would that be you or your husband and please do show us some carvings!
    Fabulous garden!!!

    1. Luckily, Hostess, the house is not listed so that we avoid the many restrictions that would entail. The existing house dates from the eighteen hundreds.
      Yes, Himself is the carver. Some of his carvings are scattered about my blogs, several in 'my life in one hundred objects'.
      The garden is a source of great pleasure - and food!

  6. What a beautiful home and grounds. Very nice.