Saturday 12 May 2012

A walk around Yaiza.

The town of Yaiza is just a short drive inland from the coastal resort of Playa Blanca where we were staying. It is a pleasant place to walk around. The houses, like all others in Lanzarote, are a simple  design of white with green paintwork.

Although the main road through the town was busy with traffic the surrounding streets were silent. 

We caught a glimpse of this local lady with her freshly picked greens.
Courtyard gardens were hidden behind doors
although this glorious display of lilies bordered the street for all to enjoy.
The simple geometry of the houses and plants is very satisfying.
Plants in the vegetable gardens are very carefully nurtured, individual walls built for protection and watering systems laid out that make optimum use of this precious commodity.
A vineyard showing the black volcanic earth, the watering system and the protective walling.

We stopped for a coffee
(and the senoras did a spot of retail therapy!)
Then we had another mooch around the town.
On our drive back to the coast we passed farmhouses like the one below, a self-contained oasis in a landscape of volcanic black.


  1. it is a beautiful and interesting place. i wish you a v happy mother's day rosemary. xo

  2. It looks lovely, What an exotic place for a holiday.
    Happy Mother's Day!

  3. What a wonderful tour. I am awed by the bright blue sky above the white buildings. I hope you found something during your retail therapy session. Happy Mother's Day! Bonnie

  4. Dear American Moms, I hope that your Mother;s Days were wonderful. In Britain we celebrate in mid March, so for me it was just an ordinary weekend, although Wee One phoned for a nice long chat.
    Yaiza was lovely and our week away just what was needed after so many months of cold and wet.
    Retail therapy was successful, Bonnie, I bought a lovely necklace!