Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Weekend away, The British Museum.

On Sunday morning we left Cambridge for London to stay overnight with a daughter. After a leisurely lunch we set out for an afternoon at the British Museum.
It is one of my favourite places, especially so since the creation of Norman Foster's fabulous glass and steel roof in the Great Court. The roof covers a two acre space, with the reading room at it's centre, and is the largest covered public square in Europe.
It was opened by the Queen in December 2000 and is the most beautiful space.

The contents of the museum are overwhelming. We all went our separate ways after agreeing to meet up later at a cafe in the court. 
I went upstairs to the Japanese galleries, away from the bustle of the most popular rooms. It is nice in a quiet space to be able to take one's time, to peer closely and to feel uninterrupted.

There were beautiful things to see.

Such a fascinating and stimulating place. We had all enjoyed seeing different things and we talked about them on the bus going back to the flat.


  1. I haven't been to the British Museum since this addition. I miss London and would like to think I'll visit again sometime soon. Meanwhile I have your tours to keep me entertained, thank you.

    1. Dear Karen, as you can see from my many photographs of the hall area I am very smitten with this space. It is well worth a visit.