Sunday 12 February 2012

Weekend walks

On Saturday morning we woke to a fine day, the biting wind had gone and also the last of the snow. There was sunshine and a clear blue sky. Time to lace up our boots and enjoy a long walk.
We walked along an upper ridge path to catch every bit of the sunshine, (I didn't take my camera.) The ground was still frozen, so walking was clean and easy, each step giving a satisfyingly crisp crunch underfoot.

We were out with friends in the evening so Sunday had a leisurely start. It was a grey morning, a perfect excuse to sit by the fire and read the papers. But after lunch the sun shone. We have had so little sun this winter that we can't afford to waste it, so we put on our outdoor clothes and went for a walk through the woods.

 There was the whirring sound of a chain saw being wielded up ahead of us and the pathway had been widened with use as a quad bike and trailer moved up and down the track carrying the felled wood to the stables.

There are certainly plenty of trees down and lots of dead wood to collect.

The shooting season is over but the feeding containers are still dotted about. In the middle distance the old trees have been cleared and replaced with new saplings, carefully sleeve wrapped to protect them from deer and squirrels.

The sun was setting by the time we reached the lake
and ducks were strolling about on the retreating ice.

The temperature was dropping and it was good to be heading for home.


  1. Love the pink cloud reflections in the water, I bet you were glad to get back inside to get warm. The sun can be very deceiving in winter.

    1. Hello Elaine, and you are right, there was no warmth to be felt from the sun by the time we were finishing our walk.

  2. How I wish I could have taken that walk with you guys, absolutely beautiful. The last picture is lovely. Maisie looked as ever the well behaved star!

    1. Looks can be deceptive - Maisie often thinks that she is leading our walks and takes a bit of budging from an alternative track!