Monday 7 November 2011

St Lucia, Botanical Gardens.

 To visit the botanical gardens above Soufriere we traveled by bus along a very winding road, passing the small village of Marigot and several banana plantations. 

Tourism is now the main source of income on St Lucia, market conditions for growing bananas are no longer favourable and many of the plantations are overgrown and neglected.

There were some delightful houses to photograph in Anse La Raye.

Limmin' aroun' in Anse La Raye.

First view of the Pitons, with the town of Soufriere on the coast below.

We stopped for lunch at the Morne Coubaril Estate, 

where the toilet blocks looked so pretty that I had to take a photograph!

The Diamond Waterfall in the Botanic garden.

Pink Torch Ginger (Erlinger Elatior) can grow to 15ft. Each huge, bright pink inflorescence, grown on its own stalk, can reach a height of 5ft.

 At Soufriere we got on a boat and took a more direct journey back to Castries.

Getting hosed down as we come aboard.
 When we stopped for a swim the local traders took the opportunity to try and sell shells and coconuts. 

After a very full day we returned to this peaceful view from our balcony.


  1. Looks like a wonderful place. The water looks very refreshing.

  2. Rosemary these images are incredible! What a great trip! The Botanic garden is unbelievably lush, any idea what the unusual pink blooms are that you have featured twice?

  3. Hi Rosemary,
    What a beautiful place. So often St.Lucia is only represented by weddings and beaches, but you have shown it to be so much more, in fact I am going to stick it on my 'to visit' list now! Thank you.

  4. WOW! How did I miss this great post?
    Your holiday images are so beautiful!
    Do share more...

  5. Yes, it was lovely, Doc. I hope to return for a longer holiday some time - and the water was super.

    Dear Bertie, I'm afraid I do not remember the name of the flower. I've emailed the garden with my photo but, as yet, had no reply. Nor is it featured on their website.

    Dear Gary, I think you would love it!

    Dear Hostess, there are yet more holiday snaps on Miss Cellany!

  6. Ah, thank you anyway Rosemary! Such an unsual bloom just poking out from the lush foliage.

  7. Dear Bertie, I received a reply from Penny at the Diamond Gardens today and have added her information on the pink torch ginger to the posting!

  8. Hello Rosemary. Thank you for this, it's just a shame that it may be too large to be a potential for the Plant House! In the image after the waterfall, is that the blooms of the Erlinger going over or just starting?

  9. That is something altogether different, Bertie, but don't ask me what!