Thursday 17 November 2011

A perfect day

The great thing about owning a dog is that they get you out for a daily walk whatever the weather. Yesterday was one of those low light level days, with a heavy, moisture laden mist. I saw three sets of village dog walkers disappearing before me into the hammer horror mist. In the woods the weather had silenced any noise other than the occasional drip from the overhanging branches and the noise of my boots kicking through the leaves. It was beautiful in its own way, but what a contrast today is!

A clear, bright day that lights up the autumn colours. We walk beside the lake towards the woods

keeping to the fields to enjoy being in the sunshine.

The wild apple trees are still hanging on to their small, green fruit

but back at home the apple season is definitely over, only one or two brave souls still hang from the branches.


  1. What a lovely walk and very beautiful images - you're right - perfect!

  2. with a walk like that, exercise would be a dream! what beautiful images rosemary. xo janet

  3. It just dawns on me, Rosemary, that when you first started out, you told me you were going to do this for a year. One cycle of your garden.

    I hope you're having as much fun sharing your little patch of the earth as we are soaking it in.

  4. The Lab and I would love nothing more that to join you on such a beautiful walk.

    Look at the green of the field.

    xo Jane

  5. Your walking route is quite lovely. Looking at these trails and fields one can almost feel the stress of the day fade away.

  6. You truly have a beautiful place to walk. Don't you love a walk where the only thing you hear is your own breathing and footsteps?

  7. It has been more or less the same weather up here - the last few days have been lovely. Yesterday I went into Northallerton to do some Christmas shopping - almost a year since I went and after ten minutes I wanted to come home -even a town as quiet as N'Allerton disturbs the peace ad quiet I feel living up here in the Dales.

  8. Dear Jennifer and Janet, It is so good to be outside when the weather is as kind and the countryside as colourful as this.

    Dear Steve, but you didn't warn me that blogging is addictive! I stopped and said goodbye when my year was up - for two minutes! I started Miss Cellany so that I could rabbit on about anything. It's all the fault of you lot, I don't want to lose touch with you now that I've found you.

    Dear flwrjane, a shared walk would be good. (Although my fox-terrier is a madam and does not approve of other dogs. I don't know who she thinks she is.)

    Dear Hostess, no stress when I'm outside kicking through leaves!

    Dear Bonnie, yes, you are right, I love it. But I would be seriously spooked if I heard someone else's breathing and footsteps!

    DearWeaver, but I could spend any amount of time (and money!) in Cooper and Tanner's fabulous deli.

  9. The colours and light are wonderful Rosemary!