Sunday 25 September 2011

Looking ahead

There are still flowers to pick in the garden but now I am starting to think of next year's display. I've been to the garden centre to buy some bulbs. I don't have a great deal of success with tulips and I think that the squirrels are to blame. But it doesn't stop me from a bit of hopeful planting. I bought this box of thirty 'Queen of the Night' for only £2.99, how's that for a bargain? Surely the squirrels won't eat them all!

The alliums were good this year, nothing seems to like eating them, so I've bought some more to bulk up my display. I'm also collecting dried seeds from my established plants and putting them in envelopes to keep for planting next spring.

The year ahead always promises to be wonderful. Gardeners are born optimists, don't you think?


  1. Always planning the next big show us gardeners. I too am collecting bulbs and seeds with big hopes for next year!

  2. Our friends in the Netherlands send us a box of tulip bulbs a few years ago. We ignored all the advice about putting them in at a certain time and lifting them each year. They stay where they are and we get a wonderful display each year - some of the varieties have tripled in the four years we have had them in.