Monday 19 September 2011


It's a bit back-endish, as they say up north. High winds and lashings of rain have brought the apples tumbling from the trees. To my surprise, all the pears from my second small tree have hung on in defiance of the weather. I don't know the variety and whether I should pick them now to ripen off the branch, as I do with our other pear tree that has already finished fruiting.

The 'Honorine Joubert' that I bought at last year's plant fair, is flowering nicely,

and the cosmos, 'Purity', still continuing to give a good account of itself. It's one of my favourite annuals.

After wandering round the garden wondering where to plant the rose that I bought at the rare plant sale the other week I decided to put it in a pot. Every blue tinged rose that I've ever bought has given me a few sickly years before pegging out. I'll over winter this one in the greenhouse and see if it will thrive on being cosseted.

At the moment it is sitting outside by one of my very full water tubs!
Colour is fading from the garden and the remaining flowers look rather bedraggled. It always surprises me how, when you bring just a few blooms in from outside, they give such a good account of themselves.

I've stripped the leaves from the tomato plants so that the low autumn sun (ha ha!) can ripen what remains.

They have cropped really well this year, as have the apples.

I'm baking trays of apfelkucken to freeze. I think I posted the recipe last autumn. It's a Victoria sponge cake base stuck with apple segments and dusted with sugar and cinnamon and it freezes really well.

My latest gadget is great! We already have at least three nut crackers. Could they crack our walnuts? Could they thump. But I've treated myself to this one that administers an effortlessly crushing grip.

Just as well - I've still got a sackful of nuts from last year's crop and this year's are ripening nicely. (Only don't tell the squirrels.)


  1. We have precisely three walnuts on our tree! I wonder if we are too far North for it.

    As to pears - we don't have a pear tree but I love the remark Flaubert made that there is only about an hour in the life of a pear when it is absolutely ready to eat - ie not too hard and not 'gone over the top'.

  2. oh it is still hot, hot, hot here rosemary. your garden looks so lush to me! i'll show you bedraggled.

    and i need a new walnut cracker. how did you know?

  3. Some things are fading in my garden, but also some are coming into their glory. It will only be for a short time, but I am taking the time to smell the roses.

  4. I love those pink roses. Our cherry tomatoes look like cousins of yours!
    Things are cooling down here too.

    Nice looking apfelkucken, I think it would be delicious with a dollop of ice cream!

  5. Your pear tree is loaded this year. It will be a couple of years before my tree fruits as this is its first. The flowers are lovely.

  6. I know just what Flaubert means, Weaver. It made me laugh!

    Dear Janet, Hot, how wonderful! I've posted my layers of clothing on Miss Cellany for you.

    Autumn can be the loveliest time of year, when it's not raining. Glad you're taking time to smell the roses, Starting Over.

    The new rose is called 'Lavender Ice', Hostess, and is looking happy in its pot. Yes, you are right, apfelkucken is great with vanilla ice cream!

    Hopefully, Doc, unlike me, you know the variety of your pear tree and will therefore know when to harvest your fruit - quite an advantage!

  7. That rose is utterly stunning! I am a huge fan of walnuts, and would give worlds to delve into your harvest. Apparently there is a tree somewhere on the estate but I am yet to discover it!

  8. I love your apple cake, I think I will give it a try with my windfalls.

  9. Just follow the squirrels, Bertie, they'll show you where the walnuts are!

    I cut the apfelkucken into segments before freezing, Lilacs, then I can whip out a few pieces when anyone drops by and serve it with a dollop of cream. Happy baking.