Monday 6 June 2011

Flowers in the house

In the dining room there are peonies, campanula and the sweet pea 'Elizabeth Taylor' together with some shop bought lilies.

African violets in the kitchen.
I started out with one small plant but it is such a 'good doer' that it has been divided several times. 

In the sitting room there are red  peonies  and the rose 'Charles de Mills'.

And on the mantelpiece, just missing the evening sunlight, a few dried red roses.

For Jane at smallbutcharming


  1. At least I have some peonies in the dining room :)
    I'm always a bit green with envy looking at your flowers. But don't worry, post them even more often. I look good in green :))

  2. The roses and peonies are splendid. I also greatly enjoyed the previous post...I just got my laptop back and I am catching up. ♥O

  3. Dear Bozena, I, on the other hand, am always green with envy when I look at all the lovely work that you are doing!

    Dear Olive, this is such a lovely time of year for picking flowers from the garden, in spite of the weather! Welcome back to blogland!

  4. hello rosemary,

    your flowers are all quite lovely. my mom used to grow african violets on her windowsill but i never saw them look as healthy as yours. they are quite robust.


  5. Beautiful peonies and I'm in love with that vase.

    Your roses and red peonies must be quite a potent combo...

    I'm so glad you invited us in. All is beautiful.

    xo Jane

  6. The red peonies are breath-taking. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hello Linda:
    Your arrangements are, as always, an absolute delight with an apparent simplicity which underlies a natural sophistication in which artistry is combined with enormous flair.

    The arrangement in the dining room is pure heaven - wonderful colour combinations.

  8. Dear Bonnie, I just love having flowers in the house.
    Dear Janet, I hope that you are starting to feel a whole lot better. All these African violets came from one teeny plant, so it is VERY robust!
    Dear Jane, I am delighted that you like the vase because it used to belong to my mother. It was a wedding present, made in Scotland of Strathearn glass. It has a fluted rim which seems to hold any flowers that I put in it just where I want them to be. It is never empty.
    Hello Web, it's a pleasure to share.
    Dear Jane and Lance, who is Linda?

  9. Your flowers are splendid Rosemary!
    I love the bowl of oranges...and your mantle vignette looks so serene.

  10. What beautiful peonies - mine are late this year! Not enough sun here I guess.

  11. I am really loving the peonies and oranges in the sitting room. What great color!
    Thanks for sharing!