Friday 10 June 2011

Closing the gate

I've been sharing my garden now for a full year and the same plants are flowering, the same bugs threatening. If you've been following for a while you might well ask, "where are the photos of the tulips that you planted last autumn?" My answer is, "ask the mice or squirrels," whoever it was, they ate the lot!

Last May I had no idea what a blog was, but a friend suggested that it was an easy means of recording my garden in both words and pictures, something that I wanted to do before my ability to work in the garden diminished. The following month I started blogging. At first I had no concept of followers, and then no knowledge of how you would find me and what fun you would be once you had.

My garden teeters on the edge of chaos, which is how I like it, full of what someone has described as, 'the awful abundance of nature!' But my back need only deteriorate a little more and my hands and knees become less able and everything will riot out of my control.
It is an old, established garden, and apart from minor details it remains the same year after year. To continue to share it with you would become tediously repetitive, so I am closing the gate. But I am loathe to leave the blogging friends that I've made so I am planning a new title where I can rabbit on about anything, although if an interesting plant appears in the garden then I shall, of course, open the gate and invite you back in.

I hope that you will follow Miss Cellany, a title that allows me to talk about any and everything!

Dictionary definition of miscellany - medley, miscellaneous writings etc. collected together.


  1. Hello Rosemary:
    Although we have only been with you a short while, we have so enjoyed your posts and were fearful at the start of this that the gate was to be firmly shut behind you.

    We are delighted to learn that this is not to be the case and will happily transfer our affections to Miss Cellany.

    Do we have to do anything to make the change or will she just appear in place of this?

  2. If you'll let me in, I'll be there, Cher - but what will I call you? Why not post up a link to Miss Cellany before you go, just to make it easy for us to cross over?

  3. I'm in. We know the why, just let us know where and when.

    xo Jane

  4. Don't even try to sneak out :)

    But to be totally honest, it was my favorite blog of all. And, I guess, it was the sum of elements - you and your garden and the atmosphere... Oh well, Miss Cellany, I'm waiting for you :)

  5. I anxiously await Miss Cellany. I have so enjoyed visiting with you and meandering the garden paths. Hope to see you soon. I know we will be treated to your wonderful photos whatever the subject. Please keep us posted on how to stay in touch! Hugs! Bonnie

  6. Please give us a link!
    I'd like to stay in touch.

    Best of luck,

  7. I am having such trouble posting comments. It seems that many that I write disappear into the air. I wrote one to you this AM and it is gone.

    I look forward to following Miss Cellany - if I don't screw up something.

    Is anybody else having this problem, or is senility coming upon me?

  8. Please send us a link so we don't lose you. I have loved all your garden posts. I think a generalized blog is a good idea. That is what I do I and I post about whatever I am doing or enjoying at the moment. hugs♥O

  9. Dear Jane and Lance, having taken a peek at your former garden I am embarrassed to have been wittering on about my small plot - time, indeed to draw to a close and become Miss Cellany! I shall post some photos of Montaigne's tower in celebration of your and also Cro's fine towers.

    I'm sure you'll think of something to call me, Tom! And I think, and hope that I've created a link above.

    Dear flwrjane, Bozena, Bonnie, Hostess, Starting Over and Olive,
    I don't want to lose touch with any of you now that I've found you.
    My computer skills are very basic but I hope my link will work for you all :)