Wednesday 22 September 2010

Indian Summer

  7 am
The colours are changing and I can't pretend that it is summer any longer. Although the nights are getting colder the days are sunny and warm,  it is 'Indian Summer' weather.

There is still plenty of blossom in the garden And I've maligned the sweet pea, Lord Nelson, he has grown taller and he's flowering well.

                   Charles Rennie Mackintosh                                                                    
The annual cosmos, 'Purity',  high on my good do-ers list.

Autumn cyclamen have popped up all over the place.

And it's still warm enough to garden in what Himself refers to as my, 'frighten the horses' shorts!


  1. Beautiful, beautiful! That's too funny about the Hawaii, I stand out because I am so fair, so when I wear shorts, "the mister" says that I glow in the dark..ha! ha!

  2. When i wear my shorts to the stables i scare the horses too, and everyone laughs at my legs because they are so lily white! The sun beats a hasty retreat when it spies my legs in shorts.

  3. Dear Kim, one of our daughters went on holiday to Rome with her thin, blonde English friend and an Italian man called after them, "Hey, chicken legs, mozzarella skin!"

  4. There is nothing more beautiful than english gardens. I just finished reading a wonderful book: "The Brother Gardener's" about many of the plants that found there way to you...and how England became the center of the gardening.
    I garden in a very different environment and wish I had your lovely climate.(-: Come see me, if you get a chance,

  5. Your pictures are just beautiful!!!!!!!!!! Art work great!! Antique Rose