Sunday 20 June 2010

Open Garden

                          This afternoon our friends Angela and Alban opened their
                          garden for charity under the National Gardens Scheme.
                          As always, it was a joyful affair.

Their garden is very special because Alban
 is a skilled craftsman and wonderfully inventive -
 who else has a garden toilet within a 'Norman' tower!


He has built playhouses, although that word does not properly describe their magnificence, for each of his  grandchildren.
  Small children and adults alike are in heaven.

The weather was warm and flowers and sun hats were on show. The gazebo provided shade, music was made, and a plaster cast was no hindrance to a good tune being played on a fiddle.


 The waitress provided style
 along with cream teas
 and sinful cakes.

We know how to enjoy ourselves 
 in the South West of England!


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