Tuesday 22 June 2010

Almost a Spell.

Almost a spell I can tell you-
how to capture summer in a bottle
uncork the sweet perfume of where you walked
far from the traffic with its poisoned fumes
that spread their toxin on the blooms.
Don't take those heads
but choose instead a quiet hedge
in sunshine.
Thirty heads of lace,
place in a bowl with lemons
two, sliced thin.
Then in the bowl you sprinkle acid,
drown with boiling water.
And, because it is a spell, you stir
twice every day
five days
and chant, if you wish,
while the infusion,
the beautiful potion strengthens,
scents the air.
And then you capture it -
summer in a bottle.

Recipe for elderflower cordial.
30 elderflower heads, picked in sunshine for the best flavour.
2 sliced lemons.
4 lbs sugar.
2  and a half oz citric acid.
2 and a half pints boiling water.

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