Sunday 24 March 2024

Sunday morning 8am

We woke to sunshine and headed to the beach for a morning walk. The Bournemouth half marathon was due to start at 10am and parking restrictions were in place for where we usually leave the car by the tropical garden. We drove on a little and easily found some street parking. A calm and lovely day.
The lifeguard lookout posts are now in place ready for the start of the season next weekend. There were several groups of women swimming and the usual motley collection of dogs - and owners - relishing the open sandy space.
Clouds were already starting to gather as we turned round to go home.
We took a different route back, going over the bridge. A collection of memory locks are slowly accruing, a pattern that I think started on the bridges in Paris.
Below us we could see the route where the half marathon runners would soon be travelling.
But we were safely home by then!


  1. I wonder whether the water might actually warmer than the air this time of year, at least on some days.
    As for the love locks on bridges, I never understood why anyone would want that - it is an ongoing fad that creates very real structural problems. As far as I know, in Cologne people who get caught attaching a lock to one of the bridges crossing the Rhine, they are fined.

    1. The water may well be warmer than the air but that's not saying much - still far too cold for me!

  2. I love the beach huts in their various colours. It looks a pleasant walk.

    1. The beach hut residents always look very pleased with themselves. I'm very tempted to hire one for the cheaper winter months. They are VERY expensive throughout the summer season and I think a lot of people share the cost of hiring one.