Sunday 4 July 2021


It was a friend's birthday today and we went to her house to celebrate. How nice to be meeting up again - just a small, select group, all twice jabbed. Even so, we planned to stay out of doors, making use of the summer house and a specially erected gazebo.  We left home in sunshine. But this is Blighty, folks and after we had drunk some celebratory fizz and started on our lunch the heavens opened, the wind blew, the gazebo started to look rather frail, unequal to the task and we had to run for the house.

We all took contributions to the meal. Mine was potato salad, a coffee dessert and a cream sponge with fruit from the garden.

 The birthday girl has newly decorated a sitting room and it is fabulous - Charleston eat your heart out! The walls are fabric patchwork. She is the Fabric Queen as this room proves. If you want to see how it was created then do take a look at her blog which shows what was involved.

Detail of the pinned patchwork.

We had a lovely time.


  1. This is a fabulous room, Rosemary! I had a snoop around your clever friend's website. You and your friends are a very talented bunch! Your cake looks delicious, too :)

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  2. I just love the cake and will have a look at your friends blog later.

  3. The weather was very much the same here in Germany; so unsettled that it changed from one minute to the next.
    Your friend‘s colourful room looks great, but I guess it would be just a little too much for my liking if I were to be in that room every day.

  4. Wow, your cream sponge looks so festive and delicious. How wonderful to have those berries there in the garden. The fabric room looks absolutely stunning, a glorious use of colours. Do congratulate your clever friend. I am off to see her website :)

  5. What a lovely time you had, in lovely surroundings, minus the rain & wind! And I love-love-love your friend's fabric walls. My curious mind wants to know how she got those fabric pieces to stick (Mod Podge perhaps?), how she's going to wash the walls now, and how she's going to get the fabric off if she ever desires to? Perhaps her blog will say. Thank you for the link and for posting about your wonderful day & meal. ~Andrea xoxo

  6. Goodness. Birthday Girl has some sense of colour. PS you're invited to my birthday if you bring things like that.

  7. That is a beautiful room! And that cake! Looks so lovely!! :)

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