Friday, 15 February 2019

Sunny skywatch

It's been a good week, dry weather and, at last, sunshine and the chance to do some jobs in the garden. I imagine that Valentine's Day for most women involves painting their nails and wearing an attractive dress, but I had a delivery of compost, a thousand litres of the stuff. The huge bag could not be moved across the gravel and was left outside the garage block so we had to barrow the contents away if we wanted to get a car out of the garage!  I'm as happy as a pig in muck! I've used some as a top dressing on parts of the flower borders and what lovely looking stuff it is, dark and friable.
We chose our Valentine meal from the M&S offers, so much food that we made two separate meals out of it. I was amused to unwrap the starter and see that the prawns were making a romantic statement!
It is so good to be outside, cold in the shadows but heartwarming to see the sun lighting up the bare branches.

The days are lengthening. Still light at half five.
And a clear sky means that it will be cold tonight.
My sunset to share with Friday Skywatch.


  1. The sunlight is the best medicine to lift our spirits. It is too soon to start any type of gardening here but your lovely flowers inspire me.

    1. Ah, sunshine, you are right, it is so uplifting. I've been gardening like mad in this unusually good weather. All the compost is now used!

  2. Wow! I didn't know a pair of prawn can make such a romantic statement

  3. Awesome shot . I hope you too like my photo blog.

  4. I especially love the moon shot

    1. Pink blossom and the moon. That little tree comes into flower even in the harshest weather and stays in bloom for ages.

  5. The first one looks like a painting!

    1. The snowdrops are over now and ready for lifting and dividing.

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