Friday 22 September 2017

Under cover

Today is the autumn equinox and summer is officially over. We've packed the garden furniture away, it didn't see much action this year. Strong winds have created havoc with my bean sticks so I'm in the process of dismantling them before the canes break. I've already stored most of the squash inside the greenhouse that's attached to the garage. They look colourful placed amongst the potted plants.
All the citrus are back undercover for the winter.
It's crowded!
The small greenhouse attached to the house is accessed through my workroom.
It's also full of plants, there's just enough room for us!
We are still enjoying sitting there, although not for much longer. It's single skin glass and now that the sun is lower in the sky it gets shaded by our neighbour's trees. Very soon it will be too damp and chilly to tempt us in. But just now it is perfumed by the many lemon flowers.

Wishing you a happy weekend ahead.


  1. My citrus will go in the greenhouse before long. Mine isn't attached to the house, so I'll have to heat it.

  2. Again a most beautiful post !
    All my citrus trees are outside and very old. About 10 years ago we had a hard freeze and killed off half of my tiny grove. The ones left have been stunted. These trees were 50 + years. I always had so much fruit.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Everything in your gardens look so beautiful. I did not get out in my gardens as much as other years because of circumstances and lots of rain. However, Mother Nature filled in for me and did a wonderful job. Even though it is officially fall, we should have another few weeks of summertime weather, so it is not necessary to put my gardens to bed yet. I really hate that job.

  4. I love the smell of the lemon flowers. I have one in my greenhouse and in winter it comes into the heated conservatory. At the moment I have a few lemons on the tree, love it. It is always a challenge to try plants which normally do not grow in our climate.

  5. Beautiful pictures! Happy weekend. Hugs

  6. Mine isn't attached to the house, so I'll have to heat it.

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