Sunday, 3 September 2017

Apples etc..

Head in the clouds?
Some might say so!
Yesterday was a perfect day and the scaffolding tower was in action again, set up under the apple trees so that we could reach those tempting fruits growing high up among the branches.
The eating apples are ripe. This variety doesn't keep and needs to be eaten or processed straight away.  I've been ferrying bucketfuls to neighbours and friends have come to pick whatever they want for themselves. My freezers are full and my thumbs sore from all the peeling but I know that I'll be pleased with my endeavours each time I pull a container of fruit from the freezer throughout the coming months.
The apples are suffused with pink.
I've stewed most of the fruit and made some juice

 but also made this apfelkuchen recipe which is a favourite and freezes well. The peeled apple slices are pressed into a sandwich cake mixture and sprinkled with sugar. 


6oz marg creamed 'til light with 6oz sugar
3 beaten eggs
a few drops of vanilla essence
12oz self raising flour
enough milk to make a soft consistency - 6 or more tablespoons
A friend brought some yellow plums by way of exchange and these have been stewed and squirrelled away in the freezer as well.
The turnips are coming on stream and are just as pretty to look at as the apples but are not half as useful. I sliced one into a stir fry yesterday but they are not the most exciting vegetable in the world to eat. The farmer down the road loves the taste of turnips so  I take him a bunch when I go to collect his free range eggs.
Today the weather is disgusting, rain and strong winds -  the scarecrow doesn't like it one bit.
I'm going to stay indoors and peel more apples! I've rescued some Japanese anemones from the garden.

I've never used them as a cut flower before, I don't know why not because I discover that they are lovely in a vase.

I hope your weekend is working out well.


  1. Brilliant idea to use a scaffold platform for apple picking - safer than a ladder. Now I must go pick some of my Japanese Anemones for my desk at work. Happy Week Ahead.

    1. Yes, picking from a ladder is tricky, the places where you can safely prop it rarely seem to correspond with where the ripest apples are growing!

  2. Those apples look so sweet! I love the pinkish hue. The apfelkuchen looks delicious too! Oh, poor Mr. Scarecrow! :) I can't believe how pink your apple juice is. We go apple picking every fall, but it gets less and less interesting now that we have to drive out 90 minutes to pay for overpriced apples...

    1. Oh, Rain, I would supply you with bucket loads if only I could! With my best endeavours still so much goes to waste.

  3. Why are the apples pink " they are beautiful. This winter when it is cold you will love pulling the apples out of the freezer and eating them.

    cheers, patsnip

    1. It's just the variety, which I think is, 'Discovery'. The trees were planted by previous owners. You are right, Parsnip, all the chore of endless peeling is forgotten when I pull a container of the freezer months from now. Then I always wish that I had prepared more!

  4. Those a beautiful apples and the juice looks heavenly. I can almost taste it. I bet it would make tasty jelly.

  5. Jelly - now that's a good idea! I'll make some tonight.

  6. Good idea the scaffolding tower for picking apples, so it's a safe job. So many apples to peel, but the juice looks so nice and I'm sure will be delicious.

  7. This is a very busy time of the year and that is a good thing. Summer always seems to go by too quickly, but winter drags and feels endless.

  8. We go apple picking every fall, but it gets less and less interesting now that we have to drive out 90 minutes to pay for overpriced apples...