Sunday 4 September 2016

Still in Yorkshire.

Himself doesn't need to go to a show to experience car envy because our neighbour across the road in the Dales collects and restores old cars. The weather being fine he had a couple of them out of the garage sitting in the sunshine.

 He drove past us in this 1920's Alvis with a friend in the passenger seat who was wearing large goggles. He reminded me of Toad of Toad Hall and I wouldn't have been surprised if I'd heard him saying 'peep-peep.'
 The Alvis mascot is a hare. Several different designs were produced and Jim told me that his one is called a 'soft paw.'
 When we weren't on the moor top we walked down to the river.
 A very old, long and narrow flight of steps leads down to the site of St Simon's Chapel,
 nothing now remaining but a few stones.
Nearby is a lime pit
 with a carved stone stating that it was built in 1786. 
 It is always peaceful by the river, there is rarely anyone about, but these stone remains remind us that it used to be a far busier place.
Smile for the camera! 
 It's always pleasant to spend a little time pootling about by the river.
 Then it's more steps to climb up the other side of the bank.
 In the evening we went to the church where we were married and where my parents are buried.

 This is the path that I walked in a long white dress forty-nine years ago!
The sun was shining through the west window.
 We had eaten supper (delicious - with enormous Yorkshire puddings!) the previous evening with farming friends. They can trace their family back in the immediate area to the early 1700's and so we were looking in the graveyard, without success, for the headstone of an early relative by the grand name of Moses. The old gravestones have weathered over time and the light wasn't good enough for us to read the lettering.
Time for the First Born to head back to London. We drove to Northallerton, had a peep in Betty's window.
Their window displays are always attractive, but, my, their prices seem to have become rather silly.
More silliness at the station where a notice flashed up that the London train was cancelled. The FB was bundled into a local link to York in order to make another connection. British Rail, what a disgrace it is!
 On our way back south, later in the week, we called in at the Hepworth in Wakefield to look at the Stanley Spencer exhibition.
It was an interesting and comprehensive exhibition with over seventy pieces of work.
I like his statement that painting pictures is a way of giving praise.
 It amused me that everyone in the Barbara Hepworth cast room was looking out of the window rather than at the sculptures.
 And these little pots in the shop were rather good fun.


  1. Hello! Thank you once again for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Here I am to return the favour!
    Lovely pictures of the Wensleydale Show in your previous post, it so made me want to go there next year. But my sister and I have already set our mind to visiting the Great Yorkshire Show in Harrogate next year (closer to "home" in Ripon, of course), and that is in July; we can't make both in one year.

    What a shock it must have been indeed to find your back garden so void of plants! Good job nature has a way of recovering, especially when helped along by kind hands and friendly weather.

    1. I haven't been to the Great Yorkshire Show for many years . It is a far bigger show that the one in Leyburn and should be a great day out.
      I could never have been so ruthless in the garden, but it was just what was needed,
      I've got plenty of plants that need to be divided so the empty borders will soon be full again. (But, hopefully not with ground elder!)

  2. Rosemary, what I wouldn't give to go hanging out with you. Love your trips. My husband has had two old trucks refinished; an old Chevrolet and an old Ford. Neither child has room to park them so they sit at the farm;(

    1. What would we get up to if we were out and about together?!
      Our house is full of 'stuff' belonging to our daughters that might be needed. Every now and then we attempt a ruthless clear-out. (You can tell from the word 'attempt' that we are never successful in discarding much.)

  3. What wonderful old cars, the modern ones all look the same to me, the older ones have a character all their own.

    1. Except - friends came to see us at the weekend and parked their new silver Jaguar on the drive. It had PLENTY of character!

  4. Rosemary, what wonderful adverts for the Yorkshire Dales that your blog postings are. How could anybody not want to go there after reading those.

    1. I've lived in the South-West far longer now than in Yorkshire, but I'm still a Yorkshire girl at heart and think that the Dales is a very special place. Biased - moi?!