Friday 16 September 2016

In Wiltshire

Yesterday evening we had an invitation that took us into Wiltshire and we drove through the village of Biddeston with its many attractive houses.

 The ducks had abandoned the pond to sleep on the village green.

It was a warm evening with  a mist hanging over the landscape.
 Long vistas all around us.

When the sun sank down behind the garden as a bright orange globe people took out tablets and phones to capture the sight
but there were disappointed voices because the camera lenses were unable to pick up the vivid orange glow that our eyes could see.
 I walked up beyond the garden and looked across the fields to try to get a better shot for Skywatch Friday, but my camera was having none of it.


  1. Great post today,
    I want to live in the little house on the left in the second photo ! Beautiful !
    The last photo is wonderful, color or not.
    I have posted photos before that were so beautiful in real time but did not come out that well in a photo. You just never know.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. I think that the 'little house' is probably a garden room to the main show. It is a lovely village, we had never been there before.
      My small Lumix point-and-shoot camera is usually fairly accurate. I've noticed that it tends to distort the colour blue but has captured good sunsets in the past. Not this one!

  2. Now that is an invitation I would have been glad to receive. I can see how beautiful the sun setting must have been. My iPhone doesn't pick up a lot of tones I wish it would. I seem to be using it more than my camera now.

    1. It was very civilised, Donna, such a gentle evening that the string quartet came outside to perform while we sat on the terrace being served drinks and canap├ęs. Doesn't happen often!

  3. Such a gorgeous place! I love ducks...all nature, actually, and the beauty in your photos is captivating.

    1. Hello Linda, yes, I love ducks as well. I used to keep Khaki Campbells and have a notion to keep them, or a few Indian Runners, again. It's only the knowledge of foxes that's holding me back.