Wednesday 10 February 2016

Out to lunch

We met friends for lunch yesterday at our local hotel. We hadn't seen each other for a while so there was plenty of catching up to do while we studied the menu. And there was so much choice - what to choose? The hotel has a twenty-five mile food policy and much of their produce is gathered from their own property; pigs, chickens and a deer herd are all made good use of, in addition to the large and very productive vegetable garden. My starter was venison black pudding, what a treat! For main I choose fish.
It was a lovely way to spend a cold February day. And it wasn't raining. That's right, IT WASN'T RAINING, so after a leisurely coffee we ventured out to see where our vegetables had been grown.
Everything was wonderfully ordered. We had a peep into the polytunnels to see what was shaping up.
Just as we arrived home the heavens opened and pelted us with enormous hailstones. We didn't care, we'd had a lovely time!
(Memo to self: must sort out my veg plot.)


  1. "out to lunch" -- Ok, that's me right now... LOL! or not? LOL, again...

    That tunnel to grow things in year-round! I want one! No, no, not to be... But dream on, none-the less!

    1. I know, a growing tunnel is just the thing to dream about. I actually walked round one at a gardening show, imagined where I might put it in my garden, thought about what I might grow, studied the price....... then walked away!

  2. Hello! I just met your husband ('Himself) whilst I was out on a dog walk and he was taking in the lovely weather. We got talking about writing and your blog and I mentioned I wrote a blog whilst I lived in Mumbai! It got me thinking that I should start writing again. Anyhow, you have a new follower....please tell Himself it was good to meet, perhaps we will bump into you at The P** one day! Kind regards, BombayJules

  3. Hello, BombayJules, I'm SO sorry I missed meeting you, that will teach me not to go out walking with Himself! (Although I was doing a bit of clearing up in the garden instead.) I hope that you will be writing again, how about tomorrow for Skywatch Friday when people from all over the world post an image of their sky?
    Let's arrange to meet up sometime?