Saturday 14 June 2014

My plot

There seems to have been a little confusion and some people think that the large and well-organised vegetable garden with two full-time gardeners belongs to me! Well, it's a lovely thought, but in actual fact it is part of the local hotel and restaurant where we ate last weekend. My veg. plot is small and has one unskilled gardener - me. Enthusiastic, yes. Knowledgable, no. It's cottage garden style, a jumble of food and flowers - and I love it!
Of course, with a surname like ours we have to grow spuds.
Along the eastern border there are a few gooseberry bushes
and the patch of bare earth where we have bonfires.
But it's not always good news in the garden. The pear midge has devastated the crop for another season. Both pear trees produce a mass of blossom every year without fail. But then, equally without fail, the developing fruit blackens and rots away. (Arrowed in red.) We shall enjoy the few fruit that survive, come the autumn.
And the prunus that has given privacy from the house next door has upped sticks and died.
Now that's a bit of a disaster. In the autumn we shall reposition a replacement. What to buy? It's the south side so I don't want too much light taken and yet we do want privacy. I'm thinking about a bay tree because I could keep it clipped to a height that will not interfere with the solar panels. . Any suggestions? The new position will be more to the right.
We've put the citrus trees into the garden for the summer.
Their place in the greenhouse has been taken by tomatoes and cucumbers.
The tomatoes are shaping up well
and the cucumbers reaching for the ceiling!
June is the best month in my garden for flowers, the borders change each day. I come out of the door every morning and have a wander around before breakfast to what is new.
'Paul's Himalayan Musk' gives a glorious display each June. When the flowering is over he will get a  a crewcut.
 'Rosa Mundi' in the border
with lots of other reds, purples and pinks.

This was the part of the border that I worked on in September 2012 when I cut the background shrubs hard back because they had invaded the bed. They are sprouting back well,
September 2012.
but there's just enough space to add a new plant!
It promises to be wonderful - once it's grown a bit!

I can't blog the perfume or the birdsong,
 but perhaps you can imagine it.


  1. I certainly can imagine the fragrance of your honeysuckle and roses, just lovely. June is the best time of year I think, your cottage style is my style too.

  2. You have a wonderful garden, I have a lemon tree like your pear lots of flowers then they all fall off no lemons.

  3. Your garden is beautiful! I can wait to see the new shrub in bloom. It sounds lovely!

  4. I have a couple of shrubs that didn't make the brutal winter and must go as well! It is soggy here, but I have some things to get in today regardless, as it is a busy week! Love your patch!

  5. I like your cottage garden better than the organized restaurant garden. How strange that a tree would suddenly die. How about a dogwood to replace it?

    The black elderberries are beautiful and stunning when in bloom. That was a great choice!

  6. Ah, but I think your garden is large & well organized! (But listen to who is talking here!)

    Somehow, without me trying, my random garden flowers out the kitchen window color-coordinated themselves... Thank you, nature!

  7. What a shame about your Prunus - we are having problems this year with something eating the leaves - the cherry trees leaves are curling up and dying and the plum tree looks as if its going the same way - what's going on. Your garden is looking good - all that hard work you put in is paying off. And look at that cucumber plant - mine is only about six inches high at the moment.

  8. Had to visit again & again, this garden of yours.

    It is just so stunningly gorgeous! Kudos to you & all your hard work & artist's eye!