Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Rich pickings

It's cold out and doesn't feel like summer but even so the garden is producing quite well.
The ground is dry and crying out for a substantial downpour and we have been enduring cold, blustery winds.
I've been having to do additional staking in the vegetable plot.

The mangetout, Carouby De Maussane, with it's attractive flowers, is cropping nicely. But it's tall and I've had to clamp it between two lots of wiring to stop the stems from being broken by the wind.
The early dwarf peas, 'Hatif D'Annonay', that I got from the seed swap, are far more manageable. They are showing a huge crop of pods. If they have a good flavour I shall store some to sow next year.
There is a good selection of vegetables for a stir fry.
Of course it's never all plain sailing - the kohl-rabbi is boulting!
Never mind, there is always consolation to be found in the flower borders.
Old roses - I love them!

And since I praised Sara Bernhardt she's got so bigheaded!

I'm trying to keep the far end of the border to purple, red and blue. 

There are plenty of flowers to pick for the house.

And a small vase 
for those sweet peas that get all tangled up in their own tendrils!
When I'm out in the garden I am often 'helped' by Vanilla, my neighbours' cat.
She likes to play hide and seek, trip the gardener,
and chase.
'You don't want to play, then?' she asks. 'Oh, well, I'll go home.'


  1. Oh my Sarah's are starting, but one I bought last summer is not blooming at all - just not getting enough sun I guess - that and one other one are going to be moved later and that will be quite a to-do! I love that Vanilla is so helpful! I am only assisted by the mosquitoes!

    1. I think that peonies take a while to settle in. They are also greedy, so when you move them a whole load of muck may make them more obliging!
      Mosquitoes don't play with the planting sticks, lie out in the cloches and cause general mayhem - all the while looking delightful!

  2. that flower arrangement is worth of a cover!

  3. beautiful garden! take care, maryann

  4. Beyond beautiful. I love old floppy roses.

  5. Lovely pictures, as usual, Rosemary. The roses are magnificent. Here's hoping you will warm up soon.

    1. Today it is HOT - heaven! Hope your party went with a swing. /:-)

  6. My sarah is ceased blooning two weeks ago. You have a beautiful garden, and such a lot of vegetables to eat! I have no vegetable garden, there is no place and a bad soil.
    I#m coming back from Britain, two days ago, your gardens are for weeks later as ours becose of the cold you have had.


    1. At last we have warm weather and hopefully there will be a rapid catch-up of growth. We are eating well from the garden now, both fruit and vegetables. The soil is sandy and doesn't retain moisture, although I manure the ground well every year, so it requires a fair bit of attention in dry weather.
      Your English holiday looks good - you have visited so many places that I have yet to see!

  7. flowers and veggies must love your country more. Mine are not looking well at all. The rain has been to much in the past week, with the plants yellowed and has this powdery mildew. I am your newest follower and will look around more at your pretty garden and plantings.

    1. Hello Betsy, rain and yellowed plants - tell me about it! Until yesterday, when SUMMER FINALLY ARRIVED I had courgettes, squash and the like looking as though they wanted to curl up and die. (And I felt a bit the same way.) I'm hoping that the warmth will last for more than just a few days. Last year was a wash out.
      Hope good weather is coming your way.