Saturday 16 July 2022

St Swithin's Day

Yesterday was St Swithin's Day and not a drop of rain fell. Quite different from 55 years ago when we were married! (But they say that rain on your wedding day is good luck and it has worked well for us.) We celebrated with lunch at one of our favourite local places, the Talbot in the lovely village of Mells. We always take a look in the church and churchyard when we visit. I usually take flowers for the 1st World Wat poet, Siegfried Sassoon's grave but, because of the extreme heat, had decided not to. I regretted my decision when I saw that no one had left a remembrance. There are well-known names to be seen in the church interior. Most stricking is the equestrian statue by Alfred Munnings and most moving the simple wooden cross brought home from the battlefield.
After out meal (the chocolate dessert was good!) we had a wander round the walled garden.


  1. That all looks delightful. Happy
    Anniversary. Love the trespassers sign.

  2. You'll see that I'm having a lot of trouble organizing my posts, the photos go anywhere they want and the text is equally problematic! The gardener came through the gate just as I was going to take the photograph of his sign and was amused to see me. We had a lovely day.

  3. By all means leave Sir Alfred unbeflowered, he was a grumpy old bugger who seemed to believe that art came to a full stop with the death of George Stubbs. In my youth he was constantly being quoted in the newpapers about the vileness of Picasso and other painters who had the misfortune to be born in the twentieth century.

    Siegfried Sassoon is another matter and I share your regret about not remembering him. Make up for it next time with a single-stem blood-red rose, the sort that retails in Knightsbridge for about £25.

    Our wedding took place in a church on top of a cliff overlooking Folkestone. It not only rained, it blew a hurricane. The only decent (ie, natural looking) official photo was of me, desperately manipulating an umbrella, trying to protect not only my bride but her sumptuous wedding dress which had been hired for the occasion. That was 62 years ago. No complaints so far.

  4. Hi,I'm a silent reader of your blog and pass by regularly. It is so silent here since july, hope everything is ok at yours.
    Have a nice day

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