Wednesday 10 June 2020

Local history

Edward Colston is cooling his toes.
The source of his wealth something everyone knows.
They told us, 'But look, he gave so much away!'
On his plinth he stood proud, looking down to survey
the people of Bristol, black, grey and white,
deaf to our protests,
forgetting the plight of thousands of people,
bound, shipped, out of sight.

But the people of Bristol, black, white and grey,
gathered together with something to say
and they roped up the roper and rolled him away.
Hauled to the harbour where his money was made.
No statue here for despicable trade!
At the waterside they tipped him in
and I'm telling you now that bronze statues can't swim!
The stain on this city is washing away.
Perhaps down in the water is where he should stay.


  1. Sorry to comment off-topic, but in case you don't revisit your comment on my blog this is just to mention that Golsoncott House seems currently to be on the market and I've linked to the estate agent's photographs.

    1. Thanks for this, Tasker, I shall go and have a snoop around. Just the sort of nosiness I enjoy!

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  2. At the HoC end of Westminster Bridge there's a statue of Boadicea (or Boudica, Boudicca or Buddug - she was wise to drop that last name, an open invitation to social media trolls). Very fierce, driving a chariot well in excess of the 30 mph limit; if memory serves me correctly sword blades are attached to the wheel hubs. In AD 60 or 61 (but who's counting?) she and a horde destroyed Camulodunum, better known these days as Colchester. Residents of Essex are known to have huge chips on their shoulder and I wonder how long it may be before the B lady is Colstonised into the Thames. To do that the Essexians will need to crowdfund a couple of JCBs, it's a great chunk of metal.

    When it happens perhaps you and I can co-operate in writing a celebratory villanelle. I'd do it myself but I've had two goes - on other subjects, natch - and I needed technical help. A very restrictive format.

    1. A villanelle - quite the trickiest form! I don't think I would celebrate ditching Boudicca, we need all the strong women we can.

  3. A tragic villanelle, then. My morals are open to influence from the slightest zephyr.

  4. perhaps this all will be a paradigm shift globally, That is my hope.

  5. As a hands-on sculptor, I was amazed that the top section of stone came down with the bronze. That took some yanking.

    1. Yes, I was surprised by how easily he seemed to be toppled and rolled. If they ask you to do running repairs and place him back on a plinth, please say no, Tom.

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