Sunday, 22 April 2018

A trip to St Ives

A Travelzoo offer took us to St Ives this week where I was anxious to see the current exhibition at the Tate before it closes at the end of the month.
I wasn't disappointed, it was an excellent and very comprehensive show. These are the postcards that I bought in the gallery shop. (I had wanted Laura Knight's fabulous pool image but they either hadn't made a postcard of it or else everyone had got there before me.)
We went straight to the Tate from the hotel as soon as we had checked in our bags. We were staying at the Tregenna Castle which sits high above the town. I was very pleased that the Travelzoo b&b offer included tickets to the exhibition as well as to Barbara Hepworth's garden.

We walked through the hotel grounds to get to the sea,
first looking round the walled garden

then following a small stream downhill until we reached the road.

The following morning we woke up in the clouds!
The hotel was shrouded in a sea mist.
Rather different from the day before!
This creeping sea mist is called a 'haar' in North Yorkshire. I think it's a wonderfully descriptive word, a soft, long exhalation, rather like a rolling mist. I don't know if there is a Cornish word to describe this sort of weather. 
Happily the sun eventually shone through.

Surfers were enjoying the waves.

At last, a blue sky for Skywatch Friday!


  1. Hope you had a wonderful time.
    I came, I saw. Thank you! :-) (LOL!)

    1. Thank you, Wildside, we had a lovely time- more photos to follow.
      The sun in still shining and now I'm doing catch-up in the garden. Oh, the WEEDS!

    2. OH yes... Those ever familiar pesky WEEDS!

      OH yes... Same here...

  2. St Ives is a very posh and expensive suburb in Sydney where all the rich people live I like your St Ives better is much nicer with the wild green garden and the wide open spaces of the sea side.

    1. Now that is so interesting, Merle, because the house prices in Blighty's St Ives are eye-wateringly expensive. Many are second homes for the wealthy. They have priced the young locals out of the market. It is, however, a lovely place to visit, (out of season!)

  3. This is a perfect time of year to visit St.Ives when you can have it almost, but not quite, to yourselves.
    We do Travelzoo on a regular basis, and it has taken us to some wonderful and very interesting hotels.

    1. We have visited St Ives many times but never stayed at this hotel. Very pleased to do so as an earlier visitor had been Henry James. (The hotel knew nothing about this, and I'm doubtful that they knew who I was talking about!)

  4. A beautiful blog post...Virginia Woolf in St. Ives! I'd say it doesn't get much better than that.
    Wonderful photos. Sigh.
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

    1. Dear Kay, don't sigh, now I'm going to walk you around Barbara Hepworth's garden.

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