Thursday, 27 April 2017

St Michael's Mount

On Sunday morning we left the west coast and drove the short distance to the east coast, parking in Marazion outside the rather fine town hall
where someone had done a good job of polishing the brass!
We had a warm welcome at the Godolphin Arms for breakfast, a 'full Cornish' for Himself and more fish for me.
And a wonderful view from the window of St Michael's Mount. 
The tide was out and the causeway would be dry for long enough for us to finish breakfast and saunter over ourselves - even if we might have to paddle back afterwards!
I have a childlike pleasure in walking along a pathway that I know spends much of it's time submerged under the sea. The island is managed by the National Trust.

The tide had turned, time to head back to the mainland.
Such a lovely day
but, as you can see from this photo, it's not always the case!


  1. The last photo is a nightmare in my book. All the rest looks fine.

  2. This looks so lovely, I hope you had a nice trip. I love travelling too, it makes new memories.

    Love, Ida