Tuesday 6 December 2016

Bath Christmas Market

The Christmas market in Bath gets bigger and better each year. It started out as a small affair of wooden huts nestled round the abbey area selling cheap trinkets, but this year there are local traders with far better products for sale. It looks most attractive as the daylight goes and the lights come on. The atmosphere is very festive. We clambered into this huge deckchair and a passerby offered to take our photo. It caused quite an audience and a lot of laughter. After we got out everyone else was queuing up to have a go!

Not the easiest deckchair to get out of!


  1. Oh what a fantastic background to celebrate the season. Just incredible.

  2. Oh, what a lovely town. It is just what I pictured in my mind as an old, beautiful British city at Christmas time. Did you get to see the art show that the blogger aka Tom Stephenson was assisting his wife, H.I. with putting together? Her work looked very nice and one of her T shirts would have looked good on you.

  3. That deckchair is hysterical! And the lights are wonderful. looks like a fabulous Christmas market, wish I were there.

  4. What a fun visit !
    I really like photo # 13 ollyfields (?) the ceiling just glows.
    You must really have the Holiday spirit after walking around.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. That chair provided hoots of laughter every few minutes as people flopped violently back into it. H.I.'s exhibition was just behind it - as you can see from the banner. Did you visit it? I was expecting to see you but maybe you went in at a rare time when I was not there - like the last exhibition!

  6. Oh Bath is so beautiful and I can imagine the Christmas market must be fun. That must have been hilarious you two in that deckchair, it made a great photo and an idea for many more people.