Sunday 2 August 2015

Out to lunch

Today didn't look too promising at first, rather chilly for August. I fancied a traditional Sunday roast, but not cooked by me. A phone call to the Talbot in Mells secured us a table. It's a lovely village, I've blogged it on several occasions. By the time we arrived it had turned into a warm, sunny summer's day.
First we went to the churchyard and put a few flowers on Siegfried Sassoon's grave
and then we walked down the street

to see what was on offer.

Lunch was good, the Talbot is a favourite place. Afterwards we  crossed the road and went into the Walled Garden
where the high stone walls were capturing the heat and making it feel positively Mediterranean!

The textures in the dappled shade were beautiful.

But the terrace beyond the walls looked the best place of all 
for whiling away a sunny Sunday afternoon!
Things were much busier around the pizza oven in the main part of the garden.
Next time we come I shall have to try one!
A day to sing about
but nobody will get a tune out of this piano!


  1. Replies
    1. A full stomach and a bit of aimless pootling - just how Sundays should be!

  2. Absolutely beautiful and wonderful day !

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Everyone was out enjoying themselves in the sunshine and pleasant surroundings.

  3. Oh that does look very Mediterranean! What a nice day. And by the way, your little nudge worked. I'm back to blogging. Thank You! XXOO