Tuesday 25 November 2014

Autumn's last shout

The weather just lately has been a bit grim, best looked at through a pane of glass!
But yesterday morning started with a crisp covering of frost
and once the sun came out it was far too lovely to stay indoors.
The beech leaves shone in all manner of wonderful colours

and the deer herd moved quietly through the trees hoping that I hadn't noticed them.

Autumn colours really shout when the sun is on them.

Around the lake there were plenty of fishermen taking advantage of such a lovely day.

But it's rained all day today!


  1. Lovely peaceful pictures.

    1. It was, indeed, a peaceful day, such good weather is a bit of a rarity.

  2. Beautiful photos.
    OK, you live in a gamekeepers cottage, in England in a beautiful forest with deer !
    Not much else to say but FABULOUS !

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Just to put it in perspective, parsnip, the cottage is old, small and pokey, not especially warm in the winter despite all efforts, the 'forest' (ah, sounds like something from a fairytale) is poorly maintained, thin mixed woodland and the deer have ticks! (But I am very happy here.)

    2. hahahaha
      I live in a desert with javelinas and coyotes who want to eat my dogs. Birds who eat a lot of my citrus. Snakes and scorpions who want into my house and pack rats who chew anything.
      But I am very happy here !
      We are lucky.

    3. Crickey Parsnip, that sounds terrifying! Life here is much more benign. The deer ticks were a problem for my smooth fox terriers, Bella and Maisie who hid in their baskets when I had to get the Tickoff bottle out. Sadly I am now dog less. Not a happy state :-(