Saturday, 8 March 2014

Seedy Saturday

The snowdrops have come to the end of their flowering. Such good timing! This morning I dug up a generous bunch and divided it into twenty pots to take to the local seed swap. Twenty little pots to exchange for twenty packets of seeds - can't be bad! I also packaged some of the most prolific seeds gathered from the garden last autumn.
Let the swapping begin!
It was a well attended event.
There were also seed packets to buy,
books to tempt,
and goose eggs
and all sorts of delights.

What did I get with my swaps?
Spring feels as though it's here at last. When I got home I put some compost in the greenhouse to warm. I'm going to be busy sowing tomorrow!
Vanilla wondered if she could help.
but her heart wasn't in it.
I've lost the label from this citrus tree and am not sure what it is. The fruits are swelling 
but some of them are also splitting.
'Oh, how boring,' says Vanilla. 'If all you are going to do is talk about plants then I'm going outside to sit in the sun.'
It's a hard life being a cat!


  1. Your cat looks very contented, and what cat wouldn't be on such a sunny day in the garden? Thanks for sharing your photos!

    1. First thing to say is, SHE'S NOT MY CAT! Vanilla belongs next door but comes running to see me every day for a bit of a chat and some stroking. She is quite a character.

  2. Cats they are the same the world over.

    1. Yes, snap, we both posted dozing cats on the same day!

  3. A seed swap. Wow. How much fun!

    1. Yes it is great because you never know what will be there to swap with. I didn't buy potatoes this year because I've still got plenty at home and they are ready to go back into the ground.

  4. A seed swap - never heared before. What a good idea!


    1. Yes, it's an excellent idea, Sigrun. This is the fifth year that our local one has been running. It started off in a very small way but gets bigger and better every year. Perhaps you should start one in your area?!

  5. Seed swaps are something I first met in the UK - last year in Glasgow I accidentally entered a seed swap in the backyard of a museum. The atmosphere and the general attitude of the people there was so ... collaborative! And very different from the attitude down here in Austria.
    Enjoy the spring sun!
    Oh, and I like your cat, a lot! I might sense a little snobbishness around her nose, but I don't mind it at all.

    1. Yes, I think the atmosphere is good at the swaps because everyone there has the same interest and love of growth, gardens and good food!
      Vanilla isn't my cat, she lives next door, but she pops over the wall every day to sit on my knee and have a good purr. She has very blue eyes and a very pink nose - glad you don't mind it!