Saturday 4 May 2013


Hurray, my camera has been mended and I can access the photos that I took in Yorkshire a few weeks ago. What a difference a month has made, moving from the depths of winter to the full bloom of spring. Not that it is feeling at all warm as yet, but I am hopeful!
Here, to chill your bones,  are my April photos.
Himself tests the drifts.
Firm enough for me to walk over!

When the sun came out it was wonderful.

We went to the Wyvill Arms for Sunday lunch, where they know how to make a proper Yorkshire pudding.
Just the thing after all that floundering about in the snow!


  1. I've just found your blog and find it interesting, particularly as you are in the UK.. I love reading the american and canadian ones, but having them closer to home is smashing as well. I just had to make a comment on your hairstyle which is really 'on trend' as they say, and it so suits you, clever you for being so bold.. I shall be back, so until then, all the best, janzi

    1. Hello Janzi, thank you for visiting my blog. Just had my hair cut, way too short, but, like the grass, it will grow!

  2. Is a Yorkshire pudding normally prepared as in individual serving like that? We always had Yorkshire pudding with roast beef for Sunday dinner but it always made in a cake pan and cut. When I moved to New England the same thing is made in muffin tins like the one you show and they call them popovers. But we seem to bastardize everything scones.

  3. Originally Yorkshire pudding was made in one large tin. It was cut into pieces and eaten with gravy as a first course, to fill you up before the meat course to follow! That's how we ate it as children. Now, like you, it is cooked in individual tins and served together with the main meat course. Still tastes good!

  4. Yeah, I love it. I used to love to watch it puff up when you put the batter into the hot grease. So much fun as a kid.