Sunday, 13 August 2017

Sunday morning

First thing in the morning I like to walk around the garden.
It promises to be a beautiful day.

There was a deer in the orchard at dawn, 
time to check the veg!
I've netted the brassica against pigeons 
but deer are another matter.
Things are shaping up well.

Here's my little Meyer bush sitting out in the sunshine.

Some parts of the garden look really scruffy
and the roses need treating for rust and black spot.
The weekly food shop is dangerous at this time of year as I have to walk past the outdoor plant section to access the trolleys. Yesterday I couldn't resist Mrs Cholmondeley. I've planted her to climb up the back of the arbour.
In the greenhouse there isn't much room to sit.

 The ginger plant has thrown up a beautiful flower
but it's fading already.
This plant from Sally is labeled, 'Uganda'.
It's bright red flower produced this little pouch of seeds.
Another gardening challenge!


  1. What was that last gardening challenge? I swear, Rosemary, you win hands up for the best gardener. Perfect rows of veggies, flowers, apples etc. The deer and squirrels always got the apples and and vegs. Truly a garden of beauty.

    1. My last challenge was to get some cuttings from the Meyer bush to root. Looking promising!
      It's nature tooth and claw out there, Donna - we are all eating well!

  2. I am sooooo envious of your veggie garden. How old is your lemon?

    1. The lemon bush must be about thirty-five years old. My father bought it as a present for our previous house where we had a large lean-to conservatory on the south wall. The previous owner had planted a vine and a Maricel Neil rose. The vine was a thug and the rose an absolute delight!

  3. Beautiful garden and beautiful photos! Is that artichoke, everything looks so fresh and full of life! :)

    1. Yes, it's the first year of growth for the chokes so I don't know how tasty the hearts are going to be. Even if they are stringy the plants themselves look lovely, blue-leaved and sculptural.

  4. How many acres do you have for your garden?!! It is fabulous.

    I have a heritage rose (didn't know this until I saw your photo). What can I do (more than I have so far) for rust and black spot? This is such an impressive rose.

  5. Your garden looks huge and very abundant, I hope the deer didn't do too much damage. Sarah x