Sunday, 14 May 2017

Ships and boats and things

Our friends have just had a new summerhouse erected in their garden that will give them a good view down the Bristol Channel. Wee One, Roman and the Soon-to-Be were home for a few days and we went to inspect.

There's going to be a lot of gazing out to sea!
No, it's NOT a new dog house just for you!
The top of the summerhouse  can just be seen from the sitting room 
beyond the garden foliage
if your attention isn't taken up by all the boats.
and ships in bottles.

Not everyone was interested.

Boats in Steve's painting
and colours that echo the coastal sunsets.

The we drove along the coastal road to Clevedon for a trip down memory lane.

This wind-up model, demonstrating the tidal range, was good fun; as you turn the handle the water rises exposing the crabs who snap their claws.

First visit to the pier for Soon-to-Be.
We were living near Clevedon in the late '60's and 70's when the pier was threatened with collapse. Fundraising included the purchase of a floorboard with your named brass plaque. After locating ours we got to work with some Brasso to give them a bit of a polish.
That's better!
Here's the little caf at the end of the pier.
It's possible to view the structure from below
through the porthole window.

Wee One had wanted to visit her old school, now used as a wedding venue, but a wedding was in progress so we couldn't wander around. It's a grand old building that was built for a man who made his fortune in sugar. (There's a doubtful history!)
Time to head back to the sea front for lunch and tuck in to a burger and chips!

Friday, 12 May 2017

Friday Skywatch

This is the hamlet where I live. On either side a field separates us from woodland. The fields have been tilled and sown for the new season and are a rich colour in the early evening sunlight. The moon has just slipped behind the low cloud.
It's a lovely sky for Skywatch Friday.
We've had no rainfall for weeks now and the ground is dry.
You could even describe it as parched!
In the woods the bluebells will soon be over.
Bracken is pushing up through the woodland floor, competing for the ground occupied by the bluebells. 

I'm enjoying this glorious colour while I can.

Monday, 8 May 2017

The garden in May

This is the view from the kitchen door. I like to walk round the garden in the morning when I first get up, it seems a good start to the day.
We've had little rain but plenty of cold winds over the last few weeks, so growth is slow and I've been loathe to do much work in the garden in these conditions.
The pond is in a bit of a mess.
But in spite of poor weather ferns are unfolding, flowers opening and the borders bushing out.

Ground elder grows well whatever the weather!
The tulips are almost over
and the barricades up in the veg garden.
Just waiting for some sunshine!