Sunday, 13 August 2017

Sunday morning

First thing in the morning I like to walk around the garden.
It promises to be a beautiful day.

There was a deer in the orchard at dawn, 
time to check the veg!
I've netted the brassica against pigeons 
but deer are another matter.
Things are shaping up well.

Here's my little Meyer bush sitting out in the sunshine.

Some parts of the garden look really scruffy
and the roses need treating for rust and black spot.
The weekly food shop is dangerous at this time of year as I have to walk past the outdoor plant section to access the trolleys. Yesterday I couldn't resist Mrs Cholmondeley. I've planted her to climb up the back of the arbour.
In the greenhouse there isn't much room to sit.

 The ginger plant has thrown up a beautiful flower
but it's fading already.
This plant from Sally is labeled, 'Uganda'.
It's bright red flower produced this little pouch of seeds.
Another gardening challenge!

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Lemon curd

The fruit on my Meyer lemon bush is ripe and the eggs from the farm down the road are summer large and golden yoked - time to make some lemon curd! It's a simple recipe.
6 lemons, juice and grated rind.
6 eggs
6 oz butter 
12oz sugar
Melt the butter and sugar in a bowl that is set over simmering water. Add the lemon and lastly the well-beaten eggs. Stir until set then pour into warmed jars and seal when cold.

Monday, 31 July 2017


We are getting such heavy downpours of rain, interspaced with short bursts of sunshine, that everything is looking lush and green. It isn't the weather for sitting out or doing much in the garden because no sooner do I get my boots on or set up a deckchair or put some washing on the line than the heavens open once more.
But, after parched conditions, the flowers are loving it.

We are eating well from the veg plot
and the Lands End shirt is wearing well!
A really good crop of carrots this year
and we are eating climbing French beans like there's no tomorrow!
The squash are growing to gigantic proportions with all the rainfall. They are spreading into other plants and climbing up the bean supports. I'm hoping that they won't start to topple over.

I've no desire to rush through summer
but signs of the autumn food crop
are here
and shaping up well.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Good growing weather

We've had some wonderful weather, enjoying warm, sunny days from dawn until dusk.
Everything was thriving.

The evenings were warm and still.
It was a pleasure to wander outside.
I caught the moon in the obelisk.

Then the lawn went brown, the water butts emptied and plants began to wilt. The garden is too large for me to do any effective watering.
Rain has come. Thank goodness. Everything is green again and the water butts are overflowing. It's been raining for days. Okay, that's enough, now I'm ready for more sun.