Thursday, 20 November 2014


Most days the light levels are low, the air is moisture-laden and in the woods it's soggy underfoot.

But some lovely colour still hangs on the trees because, as yet, it hasn't been unduly cold.
Moss on the branches gives you a fair idea as to how much rain we get!

Every little glimpse of sunshine is welcome.

There are plenty of berries on the trees but experience has taught me that by the time I start to think about going out to gather them to decorate the house for Christmas the birds will have eaten the lot!

The days are short; time to load up the wood-burner and settle down with a good book.

Monday, 17 November 2014


On a wet, dull day went to Penzance.  It sits in a sheltered bay and the gentle climate gives an exotic look to the plants that grow there.
There are some lovely-looking houses in Morrab Place.
And luxuriant growth in their gardens!

November, and a hedge of passionflower still blooms.
We looked around Penlee Art Gallery and hoped to eat lunch there. But all the tables were occupied so we wandered further into town and made the happy discovery of The Honey Pot. Leek and goats' cheese tart for me
and for Himself, (the man wot I live with who doesn't get much of a chance to eat meat at home!) a hearty slab of beef lasagne with garlic bread.
The food was delicious and the Honey pot cakes looked divine, but we didn't have room - we shall be back! Then we wandered down Chapel Street with it's curious mix of shops and buildings that range from smart to ridiculous. No. 56 had quite a Shaker feel to it
with an elegant simplicity to the goods on sale.

But there is nothing simple about the Egyptian House, 
built in 1835 for a local mineralogist.
And then it gets really silly, what with Steckfensters
and a shoot-out on the roof of the Admiral Benbow.
I think it's time to go home!

Friday, 14 November 2014

Friday Skywatch, St Ives.

St Nicholas Chapel, St Ives.
Last Friday we walked around the headland from Porthmeor Beach towards the harbour. It was one of those days when the weather could (and did!) do everything. When we reached the lookout station and turned to see where we had come from we were rewarded with the sight of this rainbow.
And it just kept on getting better and better

Thursday, 13 November 2014

St Ives

Whatever the weather St Ives is one of our favourite places to visit. The old part of town is a jumble of narrow streets, it's crammed with art galleries, good places to eat and several lovely beaches. A red dot marks where we stayed, parking our car at the island car park, shown as the big red square on the map. In summer it's a nightmare to negotiate these streets and extremely difficult to find anywhere to park at all.
In mid-week November we were in luck, staying only moments from the slipway with access to the surf beach.
Out for a walk before breakfast
to the far end of the beach.
The weather can change very quickly.
I scurried back past the Tate, the ugliest building on the seafront (which is saying something because indiscriminate building has sprung up all over St Ives). It's on the extreme left of the photo looking like an abandoned pill box.
I was soaked by the time I got back to the apartment. And look at the front door - sand gets everywhere!
But our accommodation was warm and comfortable, a good place to be as we listened to rain battering the windows and the surf roaring on the beach!
 A few surfers were out on the small headland beaches.
The tide comes right in to the harbour, rushing up the slipways, hitting the walls and splashing any unsuspecting passersby.
But when the tide is out you can walk dry foot right across the harbour mouth.

Can you spot this little window in the photo above? There must be times when it is completely under water!

There are plenty of interesting corners

and properties reaching skyward in search of a view.

The lifeboat station was open down by the harbour and the crew were practising their drill.
The lifeboat looks a big sturdy craft when seen stored in the boathouse
But a photo of the boat at work demonstrated it's frailty when set against the power of the sea.
 Information boards on the walls of the boathouse listed the many call-outs, not all with a happy outcome. How brave the lifeboat crew must be.
I prefer to keep my feet on solid ground in rough weather,
especially if it leads me to Porthminster Beach Cafe

for coffee and cake
or a Cornish cream tea!