Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Lunch at The Pig

A friend has been to stay for a few days and yesterday we went for lunch to The Pig near Bath. First of all we had a good wander around the walled vegetable garden to see what we might be on the menu. It's a delight! I remember when this space was just a sadly neglected, weed-infested patch of ground. What a transformation the new owners have brought about.
Now there are tidy paths, neatly edged,
a huge variety of planting,
carefully labelled. (I don't know where these onions had walked from or were planning to walk to but they were all neatly lined up in bed when we saw them!)

The beautifully restored greenhouses
are brimming with growth.
Phew, hot or what!
A good choice of tomatoes in the polytunnel
underplanted with basil.
Okay. Now, what's on the menu?
all with vegetables, herbs and flowers and fruit from the garden. Looking delicious, tasting delicious. 
I choose chocolate and courgette cake with a wild thyme ice-cream.
Then we sat outside in the sunshine to drink our coffee and enjoy the view.
What's not to like!

Friday, 12 September 2014

Friday skywatch - out and about.

We've been out and about about this past week. On Saturday we went to celebrate the birthday of a friend who lives in a house overlooking the Bristol Channel. We walked to  a nearby restaurant as the sun was setting. Just the right sort of sky for Skywatch Friday!
The dry weather continues and it's comfortable to walk in the surrounding fields now that they are harvested. The village where we live is in the centre of this photo.

The sun shone like a scarlet globe through the trees but my camera hasn't picked up the colour. It isn't very true on reds and blues.

Last night we went to an event at the Holburne Museum in Bath, and left home in plenty of time to negotiate the evening traffic. We arrived early so I walked next door into Sydney Gardens. It is the only remaining eighteenth century pleasure garden in the country,  and was laid out in 1790 as a commercial garden with a variety of attractions.

The garden is now owned by the council and is a pleasant open space with wide pathways and grassy areas. 
There are a number of bridges, not for decorative purposes
but for negotiating the railway
and the canal.
Both routes were cut through the garden at a later date.

The museum was originally the Sydney Hotel, the centre of entertainment for the pleasure gardens. A new extension at the back of the museum leads straight into the gardens. What a contrast this architecture is to the rest of the building.  
  I know which I prefer!
The view from the front of the museum is equally pleasing.
And inside, all manner of delights.

But my time was occupied in conversation and eating canap├ęs!

Monday, 8 September 2014

Reclaim the streets, Frome.

Yesterday we went to Frome where every first Sunday in the month they 'reclaim the streets'. The high street is closed to traffic and traders set up stall on either side of the road to sell their wares.

All manner of things are for sale.
There is a great atmosphere, with live music and delicious local food to buy.

Buns for dogs!
And cakes for humans.

There was bric-a-brac for sale in the market place.

Now I'm home I've remembered that I'm in need of some replacement marbles for my Chinese chequer board. (See what I bought on Miss Cellany.)

Shops were open on St Catherine's Hill

 where the traders had small pitches, selling from a suitcase.

We had only meant to stay for the morning but there was so much to see and so many interesting people to talk to that we stayed for lunch and went to our favourite cafe. We always get a warm welcome, a good cup of coffee and a tasty choice of food at the Stardust Cafe.
I tucked into a hot squash and cheese tart with mixed salad.
Back out on the street
ooh, the temptation! These cakes were a work of art!
Golden nuts,
edible flowers,

I had to buy one! (It's important to fund the arts!)
I put it on a china plate when we got home because it definitely deserved proper treatment; a gold-patterned plate to match the gold-painted pastry!
Every bit was edible - and delicious!
Magic indeed!