Monday, 11 November 2019

Another short walk.

Family were home at the weekend. The weather was disgraceful on Saturday and we didn't put our noses out of the door. At least our home wasn't flooded like some of those unfortunate householders in the north. On Sunday things improved considerably and we donned our wellies and set out for a bit of fresh air.

Lots to inspect at the lakeside.

Glorious autumn colour now.
Come on Nana, keep up!
Lots of berries.
There was quite a biting north wind so we didn't stay out for long. There was plenty to do at home; showing Himself what can be made with play dough.

Listening to me telling silly stories
and making music.
(Sort of!)

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

A very short walk

Just time between the showers for a short walk. Slithery mud underfoot makes for tricky walking, but even so it's good to be out in the fresh air.

There is still a lot of green,
with only a little autumn colour creeping in.
Just got home before the next bout of rainfall!

Saturday, 2 November 2019

Do we need to build an ark?

The ground is sodden and we make only brief forays into the garden to dig up some muddy, earth-caked vegetables for lunch. Ever since I invested in three huge water butts it seems to have done little other than rain!

Things are flowering well in the greenhouse but it is now too chill and damp to be in there.
Light levels are low.
I'm pleased with the cuttings that I took from my Meyer lemon bush, they are growing well and starting to fruit.
The last picking of pears has ripened and they are in the cool of the greenhouse in an effort to keep them in good condition for a little longer.
But I'm feeling rather like the scarecrow, not at all impressed with how this autumn has turned out!

Friday, 25 October 2019

Mixed weather

This week the weather has altered daily, wind and rain was followed by a still day of heavy mist that hung in the trees reducing visibility to no further than the orchard. Then, yesterday, some sunshine, transforming everything. What a pleasure.

Most of the summer crops are over now, just a few courgettes and mangetout to gather.
The climbing French beans have set seed and I've left them hanging on the canes to dry. 
(Ever the optimist, but if the weather continues to be erratic I'll harvest them and spread them out in the house to dry.)
Himself got out the ladder to pick the last of the pears.

This orchid has been flowering for MONTHS!
Rain and strong winds again today.

Tuesday, 8 October 2019


Woke to a very promising sky this morning, a change from the recent battering wind and rain. The garden is now looking rather weary.
All the water butts are full to overflowing.

This year's crop of figs have now been eaten, but, hurrah, a new crop has set. (Gardeners are always looking forward!)
The greenhouse is crammed with plants to overwinter.
There's no room left to sit down.
Flowers from the garden are very bedraggled.
As am I!

Monday, 30 September 2019

In the Dales

We've just returned from a week back 'home' in Yorkshire. The weather wasn't remotely conducive to walking on the moor tops, but it felt very mild and each promising patch of sunshine would tempt us out of doors. Then a sudden downpour had us scurrying back inside. Wellington boots were always at the ready!
The village on the opposite side of the dale was often hidden in mist and rain. When the rain lifted would we have enough time in the dry for our daily stroll to the end of the no through road?
We looked to the west to see what sort of weather was rolling in. Yes, we should be able to get there and back before the next downpour.

At the end of the lane we always ritualistically touch the farmer's gate before turning back the way we have come. I've been doing this for very many years.
Bad timing - by the time we got home we were soaked!
Although we missed our moorland walks we did have a good catch-up with friends. When they came round for supper I  made a tart from the figs that hung over my garden from the neighbours' tree. (It was planted many years ago by my father.) 
Bought puff pastry with a scattering of fig slices, pecan nuts, flaked almonds and a good drizzle of honey. It's good with cream, but we ate it with toffee apple ice-cream.
I've made some fig jam with a recipe from a Yorkshire farmhouse cookery book. I don't  always follow recipes very diligently and on this occasion didn't leave the fig slices to soak and, presumably soften, instead I cut them into smaller slices and they remain intact in the finished product. Neither did I use as much sugar and water as stated. It set well and didn't need skimming.