Saturday, 21 September 2019

'ere tis.

The path is finished and I'm very pleased with the result. 
Now I can hop, skip and jump up to the kitchen door.
Tomorrow we are promised a change in the weather with rain coming in. Today was warm with an unusually strong warm wind, feeling rather like the mistral. It knocked quite a bit of fruit from the trees, the large Bramley apples falling with a thud. I picked some of the pears before they fell. They are still green but will ripen quickly indoors. I baked with some that I had picked earlier in the week.
Pear and chocolate tart. Its a favourite recipe that I've posted some time ago.
Its a lovely time of year.


  1. Your garden looks like what I think an English Garden should be. So very lovely.
    The beautiful path was finished just in time.

  2. That path looks professionally laid! Well done!

  3. Beautifully done! Your apple and pear orchard sounds lovely. Sadly we fight the deer daily for anything edible. :(

  4. I hope you used black potash mortar... (only joking_)

  5. A lovely time of year indeed!
    The photos make me long for my own garden (something I guess will never happen), and I think I must go an buy pears tomorrow.
    Yay for hopping and skipping along your brand new garden path!

  6. Not quite finished. You haven't chalked on the numbers or marked the cat's cradle.

  7. Oh fun! Hopping skipping and jumping! :) And yikes, chocolate and pear tart has me drooling!!! :)

    1. It's the most delicious recipe - I'll post it again.