Sunday, 25 August 2019

Late summer colour

Bank Holiday weekend and the weather is glorious! We were going to be out and about but have decided that quite the best place to be is at home in the garden. We had an invitation from Wee One, but the thought of traffic to the coast and the crowds once we were there made it fairly easy to say no. Getting old? Yes, I think so, we relish the peace of our own space. The late summer colour is intense.
But I wish the gladioli would look the right way and not to the back of the border!

We are eating the climbing French beans as if there is no tomorrow
and the same with the courgettes. I never mind how prolific the courgettes are because they are such a versatile veg, I can always make lots of ratatouille to put in the freezer. They make a nice meal split lengthways and parboiled, then the  shells filled with  the scooped-out flesh mixed with grated cheese, breadcrumbs, cooked diced onion and garlic and lots of herbs and popped into the oven to brown.
It's a lovely time of year.
But what's this? I look over the hedge and see that the swallows are gathering on the telegraph wires above our neighbours' chimney pot.
Don't go yet, I'm still enjoying summer!


  1. It is a wonderful time of year to enjoy a garden, and I would have done exactly the same - not go anywhere for the Bank Holiday, when you have such a beautiful place to call home.
    Courgettes (called Zucchini in Germany) are indeed very versatile; I also like the ones made in the oven the way you described them a lot.

    1. We are savouring the last few precious days of summer. There is the feel of autumn in the air.....and after that comes winter. Brrrrrr.

  2. Have you noticed the drastic drop in swallow numbers this year, or is it just my area?

    1. Pesticides and global warming are taking their toll on our bird population and sadly I think you are right in noting a reduction in numbers. I particularly grieve for the swifts, whose breeding numbers have more than halved since the end of last century. They return to their same nesting ground each year. 'Ours' was above the entrance to my father's garage block, and yes, they were messy so you had to look out when coming and going, but they were much loved. There is an excellent article on swifts by Katherine Rundell in last weeks London Review of Books which reminds us just how amazing they are.

  3. A common thing around here is buckets of glads on sale at the ends of laneways. They are usually 50 cents per stem. The Amish and Mennonite families grow them to sell. It is a beautiful time of year. -Jenn

  4. Ah, looks so gorgeous! Why go anywhere else?

    1. Well I would love to be swimming in the sea, but not at the price of Bank Holiday travel and parking hell!

  5. Oh, how beautiful! I love English gardens.

  6. No, not yet, summer cannot be over yet. we have had so little of it.
    Thanks for the idea of filled courgettes. Obvious once it’s pointed out to you, isn’t it.
    Thanks also for visiting my blog. I live on the Shropshire/Welsh border in the beautiful AONB of the Shropshire hills.

  7. Courgettes! Zuchini to me! Raised upon it and if I ever go to a restaurant offering seaonsal veg on the menu, what do I get?!? (no matter what time of year)... Blah! People will sneak it into the back of your car if not careful and you've left it unlocked... So what to do with it all? I've tried it all -- thank you for the new suggestion.

  8. I don't blame you for staying home and enjoying your garden. It's spectacular!

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